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You are currently viewing a 80% friends-only journal!

Clearly, I think my life is important enough to share most of it only with a few friends. It's not. But if you want in on the oh-so juicy details, feel free to friend me; just drop me a line.

If not, go ahead and watch my public entries if you like.

Peace, gangstas.


sup august. how's it hangin'?

I am STILL FULL from the five-course lobster dinner that my dad decided to splurge on this fine evening. Is it bad that despite the overwhelming deliciousness of lobster, the best part was the pie? "The strawberry rhubarb was so perfectly tart though," protests my enormous sweet tooth.

Michelle Kwan is coming to Tufts (for the IR grad program) next year. I will stalk her at all costs. I will be there, lurking in the Fletcher library. Hanging out in the auditorium when she has no class. I will fangirl her.

I have gotten so used to raincloud of despair that is New England weather that anytime the sun is out I coil up into the fetus position like a vampire. I will probably be surprised if it ever stops. My Driver's Ed. prof., "Quiet Steering" John, is holding out for a sunny August. Bet $70 that's just wishful thinking!

Oh wait, I don't have $70 to bet. Maybe I should have gotten a summer job? Well. Lost cause at this point. Now I'm just focusing on volunteering so I can occupy myself and show the world the wonderful, benevolent human being that I am so often.

Despite the aforementioned lack of cash, I am in the search of the perfect handbag. My requirements:

-oh-so-buttery leather (v. v. important)
-a basicish color. just something that would go with at least 50% of my wardrobe
-doesn't poof out goofily every time I put more than my cell phone in it
-fits comfortably under my arm
-perfect amount of silly pockets
-under $200

This search has been harder than I thought, despite my primary occupation right about now is Online Shopper Extraordinaire. Or Girl Who Doesn't Move From Her Bed.

water slide panic.

So, my family is at Wild Wadi, "Dubai's premiere water park." Jake and I are on top of Jumeirah Sceirah, "the tallest and fastest free-fall water slide outside of North America." Oh, cool.

On the whole, I'm decent at putting up a brave front, sucking it up and hopping on these rides before I change my mind. This time, not so. I'm pacing and admiring the beautiful view because we are SO VERY DAMN HIGH UP. My brother, of course, jumps on the slide before I can start talking myself out of it, so I have to follow him.

The (mildly attractive, by the way) lifeguard manning the slide says to me as I begin to position myself, "Are you scared?" "A little," I respond.

He mumbles something in response; I don't hear it. "What?" "Do you believe in god?" he asks me.

?????? 'Well, not really' is what I want to say. I manage a, "Sometimes?" The guy smiles and says, "Then you'll be fine!" He nudges me forward.

I have a quick moment to fear dying on this water slide because I'm agnostic before I start screaming and the water starts rushing up my swimsuit bottom. When I get to the bottom, I feel as if I've had an enema. But I am alive.

It--the conversation, not the slide itself--was terrifying.

dubai, classes and weekenders.

Tomorrow, my family and I pack our bags and head to Dubai for the weekend! I love how lavish that sounds--as if I have some sort of jetsetting lifestyle that involves beautiful weekenders I bought from Anthropologie. (I don't.)

I leave 1-2 days after I get back for Tufts, and I'm getting excited to see everyone again and start new classes etc. Speaking of...

Classes I am taking this term:
Intro to Religions of China
Health Care in America
Chinese 22: Reading & Conversation
English 2: Love & Sexuality
Stage Management (as of now, but I'm hoping to get into a Media & Law course).

Decent, I figure.


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